Preschool News


New Student-Adult Partnership
Smart, fledgling businesses know when to bring on the right partner to help grow their business. This is the case with the Sunshine Canteen, a snack-delivery business operated by the Saint Dominic’s Home Day Habilitation Program. 
Thanksgiving Preschool 2015
Fun Thanksgiving celebrations abound at the Saint Dominic's Home Preschool in the Bronx.
Preschool Graduation 2015
If you like smiling faces and seeing the most darling children in America celebrate their accomplishments, the graduations of TORCH and TORCH Annex was the place to be. 
 Saint Dominic’s Home Expands Preschool Education

TORCH Annex Quickly Reaches Capacity of 60 Four-year-old Students Eager to Learn.

Preschool Graduation 2014
A sea of smiles filled the TORCH multipurpose room as students bid farewell for a new journey to kindergarten in the fall and others move up and will join us again in the next school year at TORCH.
NAEYC’s ‘Week of the Young Child’ at TORCH

To celebrate Light Up NAEYC’s ‘Week of the Young Child’ at TORCH in the Bronx, Boulder Bird, the loveable mascot of the Rockland Boulders baseball team, made an appearance while the New York City Mounted Police Division brought one of their finest on four hoofs to say hello to the children outside the school.

Packing Lots of Smiles
Students at St. Dominic's Therapeutic Preschool began the school year with brand new colorful backpacks filled with school supplies.
A Chorus of Schools’ Goodbyes & Hellos
Saint Dominic’s Home Education Department said “goodbye” to several of its students graduating last June and “hello” to new students and others returning for another school year.